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Helping Gamers and Streamers Grow

OnFire Gaming is a start up company, by gamers, who hold the desire to give back to the gaming community. By sponsoring large and small streamers along with content creators, we hope to achieve that goal.

To get started, one would need to apply using the link below. Upon approval of an OnFire Gaming sponsorship, affiliates will receive free care packages and an opportunity to earn referral commissions. These care packages typically include one or more products so our affiliated sponsored partner can use our product and be able to confidently promote the OnFire Gaming brand. Referral commissions are earned when assigned promotion codes are used by the person referred to and after a purchase is completed.

If you are a an individual streamer or content creator, download the application form below and return it the

Download Sponsorship Application Here




We expect our affiliate partner to perform at a high level and to maintain a consistent streaming schedule.  Additionally, to create honest content, we expect streamers, teams and creators to always be responsive to our communications and eager to work with us. 


We expect our streamers and content creators to contribute by being available for events, providing video clips and images, and on occasions, produce their own videos and streams for exclusive use of OnFire Gaming. 


Through using our products, we expect our streamers and content creators to be familiar with how they function. This becomes especially important when streamers and creators take part in any marketing activities, whether it's attending an event, doing a review or tutorial. 


We believe that our products and peripherals are great tools for winning. While it is not required to use all OnFire Gaming products, we do expect our affiliate partners to use a few as we believe it is easier to promote the product if you own the product, otherwise it may seem contradictory when promoting.

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